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Rolls RM203 10-ch Mixer 


This little thing is great. It's a 10 channel line-level mixer.  Each channel is stereo. Here is the documentation for the unit directly from Rolls:

This unit is about 5 years old but has been in my rack for studio-based recording only. It has never been on the road and is in superb shape. (The new Rolls RM203x retails for over $200)

Ibanez CF7 Chorus/Flanger 


This is a great chorus / flanger pedal by Ibanez. It is an either/or pedal (can't do both at the same time). The chorus is very rich but natural. The flanger is very funky.

Ibanez-CF7.jpg (85050 bytes)


Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator


There are 4 distinct basic settings on this little do-dad, all of which can be tweaked for the sound you need. You won't need to bring your bulky acoustic guitar to that gig anymore!


Boss-AC2.jpg (21817 bytes)



DOD FX35 Octoplus


Are you looking for that extra bottom end on that one tune you're doing? Stomp on this box for that extra oomf on that low E string.

DOD-FX35.jpg (41979 bytes)



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